Mountain Guides School

       The Mountain Guides School of Kyrgyzstan was established in 2008 as a structural unit of the Mountain Guides Association. It is licensed by the Ministry of Education and provides training for mountain guides (KMGA diploma, IFMGA license), climbing guides (KMGA diploma), off-piste skiing guides (KMGA diploma), and trekking guides (KMGA diploma).

The training for a mountain guide with an IFMGA license follows the following schedule: two weeks of mountaineering (fall) and ski touring, alpine skiing (spring) over a period of two years. After this, participants who successfully pass the intermediate exams (for aspiring guides) are given one year for an internship. Upon completion of the internship, final exams for mountain guides are conducted over 10 days in the fall (mountaineering) and spring (alpine skiing).

The first graduating class of the School took place in November 2011. Seven individuals successfully passed the final exams and were awarded the qualification of "Mountain Guide." They were presented with diplomas by the Association.

As of January 1, 2017, 17 individuals obtained IFMGA licenses.

IFMGA licence

Admission to the School is based on resumes and the results of entrance exams.

Requirements for Candidates Applying to the KMGA Mountain Guides School:

- leading experience in climbs at minimum level of TD grade in mountaineering (certificates, climbing logs, etc. are not required).
- rock-climbing in mountaineering boots with the light sack (50 m rope, first aid kit) 5b(trad) – 5c(sport) , rock-climbing sport shoes 6а(trad) – 6b(sport).
- solid ice-climbing technic with one and two ice-axes
- solid off-pist skiing technic

Training in the school is in Russian/English languages
To obtain the diploma, it is necessary to pass a language test in spoken English. The language test can be taken upon admission or at any stage during the course of study.
Invitation to the entrance exams is based on the submitted application. An official notification will be sent to you confirming your inclusion in the list of candidates. Admission to the School is based on the results of the entrance exams.

We will send you an application by request via

Entrance exams in skiing and mountaineering can also be taken at any time before the start of the introductory courses if you are in Kyrgyzstan. Condition: presence of at least 2 KMGA experts during the tests. Please contact us in advance.