Kyrgyz Mountain Guides Association

Registered on June 4, 2007, as a voluntary non-profit public association.
october 2008 - Mountain Guide education project started with financial supporting of Mammut and technical supporting of Swiss and British Mountain Guides Associations.
october 2009 - 14 aspirants, first IFMGA inspection, positive report.
may 2010 - KMGA got a candidate-country status in IFMGA, 2nd intake started.
october 2010 - начало обучения 2 потока.
2010-2011 - three aspirants from 1st intake passed training in Swiss mountain guide school as future KMGA experts.
november 2011 - first 7 mountain guides from 1st intake finished the course, 14 aspirants from 2nd intake.
october 2012 - 10 mountain guides from 2nd intake finished the course. First mountaineering course for 3rd intake: local experts.
1-st of december 2017 - KMGA became full member of IFMGA.
Now we are 44 members from 11 countries: Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Ukraine, Iran, France, Germany, Italy and Australia.
Thanks to the efforts of the Association, the profession of mountain guide was recognized by the Government of Kyrgyzstan and included in the "Republican List of Professions of the Kyrgyz Republic." Additionally, the Association received state accreditation for the right to provide education in the field of mountain guiding profession.
Main goals of Association: 
  • the development and coordination of the professional community of mountain guides
  • training, development, and improvement of educational standards and qualification requirements for mountain guides
  • assistance to the authorities in the creation and development of regulatory and legal framework, encompassing all aspects of mountain guides' activities
  • development of connections, and fostering friendly relationships with mountain guides worldwide.
  • providing coordination, organizational, methodological, and legal assistance to its members
  • ensuring a high professional standard when working with clients
  • promoting the profession, enhancing its social status, and increasing the prestige of the mountain guide profession