Ski-touring in National Parks of North Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has great attractions for skiing. Participation in ski tours implies an experience in use of special equipment for ski touring, randonnee equipment. It includes light skis of special profile, bindings with possibility to fix/unfix the heel, boots allowing the ankle-joint to be flexible. Randonnee skis allow for your heel to be free for climbing and fixed for downhill. They are the best type skis for those who normally ski alpine style. Also skins are necessary to allow for traction while climbing.

The Kyrgyz Ala-Too range, Kashka-Suu, Tuya-Ashu and Ala-Archa gorge near Bishkek (the capital city) has lot of beautiful slopes to any taste and level of training. Susamyrskaya Valley and Karakol presents great possibilities
for skiing with a enabling 3,000 to 4,000 vertical meters. Ski resort “Karakol” is located 7 km from Karakol city ( Issyk-Kul region) on the slopes of Tian-Shan Mountains . The altitude of the resort is 2,300 m. “Karakol” is a perfect place for ski-touring. There you can easily combine skiing and enjoying one the best views in Kyrgyzstan - spectacular panorama of the second largest alpine lake in the world, lake “ Issyk-Kul ”.


Fresh air, wonderful panorama of Big Kyrgyz Range and Susamyrskaya valley, good ski runs and level of service will become good memories about Kyrgyzstan.