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In an effort to further promote Kyrgyzstan as an alpine destination, the Kyrgyzstan Mountain Guide Association (KMGA) has entered into a partnership agreement with, an online booking platform that allows users to book certified mountain guides and leaders in any corner of the world.
Explore-Share has seen its users’ interest in Kyrgyzstan grow significantly during the last few years, with the ascents of Lenin Peak and Khan Tengri, and ski touring and rock climbing programs in Ala Archa National Park, leading sales in the country.
Explore-Share lists more than 3000 trips led by over 850 certified guides in more than 60 countries. With the vast majority of the platform’s users living in the United States and Europe, it provides a very interesting opportunity to promote mountain activities and mountain guiding services abroad.
“The platform is always improving and the team never stops exploring. It’s very important to me and I really appreciate that they are always in touch and respond promptly,” said Andrey Erohkin, a KMGA-certified guide featured on the website.

An user from Singapore climbing together with Andrey in the Ala Archa Valley. Picture by Andrey © 
Check out one of Explore-Share’s latest blog posts on Kyrgyzstan and KMGA and read some of the reviews left by happy users who visited Kyrgyzstan with our members:
“Despite not summiting, The Lenin Peak trip and the professionalism and abilities of Andrey far surpassed my best expectations. Andrey was responsible, knowledgeable, compassionate, and most of all a great person to spend 21 days with. Andrey displayed a high level of good judgement in regards to our decisions on the mountain and ensured the safety of everyone in our group at all times. I would not hesitate to use Andrey for any mountain adventure.” – Jashan, September 14, 2017
“Thanks Anastacia, I will never Forget this trip with you and sure it will lead to new climbing adventures. You were Amazing guide and woman. You are welcome in France. Kind regards” – Katia, September 19, 2017
“Ivan simply… “GUIDED” us. A beautiful word full of hidden meanings that are discovered while the mountain is revealing its splendor and strength. “Guiding” means knowing when to talk and be quiet. When to encourage and warn, when to look into the eyes and convey confidence. In conclusion, “guiding” is accompanying with an almost undetectable softness, with an invisible and effective confidence that made us feel safe all the time.” – Gerardo, August 2016

2 users from France skiing on Mt Elbrus together with Ivan.

An user from France climbing with Anastasiya in the Ala Archa Valley.

2 users from Belgium climbing with Yaroslav in the Ala Archa Valley.