• 2007, KMGA was founded
  • 2008, Mountain Guide education project  started with financial supporting of Mammut and technical supporting of Swiss and British Mountain Guides Associations
  • 2009, 14 aspirants, first IFMGA inspection, positive report 
  • 2010, KMGA got a candidate-country to IFMGA status, 2nd intake started    
  • 2010-2011, three aspirants from 1st intake  passed training in Swiss mountain guide school as future KMGA experts
  • 2011, 7 mountain guides from 1st  intake finished the course, 14 aspirants from 2nd  intake
  • 2012, first mountaineering course for third intake: local experts, financial self-enough intake 
  • 2012, 10 mountain guides from 2nd intake finished the course
  • 2013, second IFMGA inspection of 3rd intake, positive report
Now  35 members of KMGA represent 8 countries: Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Switzerland, Britain.

Plan for 2014:

  • 25/01-07/02 aspirant ski-tour course of 3rd intake
  • 15-16/03 entry tests for 4th intake
  • 15-24/09 final mountaineering course of 3rd intake
  • 26/09-05/10 introduction mountaineering course of 4th intake